Gehngus Kahrnage

Acolyte of Chester Starr; bounty hunter


Gehngus_Kahrnage.jpgHuman Monk
Compressed facial features
Tiny mohawk at front of forehead
Surprisingly agile despite low center of gravity
Always keeps bounty sheets on person

Personal Quest: To master the CHESTER STARR DEATH STRIKE, and to spread the historical accuracy of CHESTER STARR
AC: 15
HP: 10 (1d8 hit die)
Proficiency Bonus: +1
Speed: 30
Languages: Common, Giant, Goblin, Orcish

Melee Attack (Two-Weapon Fighting): Unarmed Strike (4 to-hit; 1d6 + 4 bludgeoning damage); Unarmed Strike (4 to-hit; 1d6 + 4 bludgeoning damage).

Ranged Attack: Light Crossbow (range 80-320 ft.; +4 to-hit; 1d8 + 3 piercing damage).

STR: 13 (1)
DEX: 17 (
3) Add proficiency bonus to DEX saving throws
CON: 14 (2)
INT: 11 (
WIS: 15 (+2) Add proficiency bonus to WIS saving throws
CHA: 09 (-1)

Skills (add proficiency bonus when rolling ability checks):
Ride (land mounts)

Class Features (Monk):
*Add proficiency bonus when attacking with clubs, daggers, handaxes, light crossbows, longspears, quarterstaffs, short swords, slings, spears, and unarmed strikes.
*Cannot use any armor or shields without penalty.
*Ki (2 points)
*Flurry of Blows – spend 1 ki point to make an extra attack at any time during your turn.

Background (Bounty Hunter):
*Bounty Board: Gehngus can locate bounties in civilized areas and can secure legal authority to track down their targets. He knows the procedure for turning in these bounties for gold. As his reputation increases, local authorities may approach him directly to secure a contract.
Items Carried:
*Belt pouch
*Light crossbow
*Bolts (20)
*Healer’s kit
*Silk rope (50’)
*Sets of iron manacles (2)
*Bounty sheet for Grom Nutsmear
*Lock of hair from previous bounty
*Potions of healing (2)
*Potion of Bless
*Vial of Holy Water


As a teenager, Gehngus was often ridiculed and beaten as a result of his stoutness, both in appearance and beliefs. Gehngus refused to subscribe to the manifold manipulations and propaganda in which the simpleminded place their faith. For this he was ostracized. Necessity adapted him into a street fighter, ever vigilant for an unexpected assault. Realizing that he had become a cynical pariah, rejected by family and neighbors alike, Gehngus abandoned his former life and trekked high into MT. STARR of the CHESTERPEAK MOUNTAINS, named in honor of the hermetic mystic who has dwelt at its summit for generations. Legends hold that CHESTER STARR observes and meditates from his lofty sanctuary, patiently reflecting and writing his contemplation into great tomes of sagely wisdom.

Following weeks of harsh climbing and rugged acclimatization, Gehngus discovered a dwelling cut into the summit of MT. STARR. The mystical historian CHESTER STARR appeared, and silently motioned an invitation to Gehngus.

Gehngus spent years reviewing the historical text written by CHESTER STARR. It gave him great satisfaction to validate many of his unpopular beliefs which were corroborated by the tomes. CHESTER STARR also introduced Gehngus Kahrnage to a secret death attack technique, the CHESTER STARR DEATH STRIKE. If properly executed, according to CHESTER STARR, the CHESTER STARR DEATH STRIKE can fell even the mightiest of foes in but an instant. Gehngus Kahrnage remains but a novice in this technique.

In the hopes of one day returning to his former home as either an educator or a missionary, depending on its people’s receptiveness to his teachings, Gehngus Kahrnage has decided that he must first travel the land perfecting the CHESTER STARR DEATH STRIKE. He becomes a bounty hunter, expecting opportunities to accumulate the martial prowess and coinage which will be necessary to spread the teachings and meditations of CHESTER STARR throughout the lands.

His current bounty is for one Grom Nutsmear, a half-orc, valued at 250 gold pieces.

Gehngus Kahrnage

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