Grom Nutsmear

Forgers Guild; craft magic weapons/armor


Half-Orc Barbarian
Homely Facial and Dental Features
Background: Blacksmith


Special Character-Specific Ability: “Imbue Anvil” (binds properties of magical substance into anvil; next item crafted using anvil becomes magic item)

AC: 15
HP: 14 (1d12 hit die)
Proficiency Bonus: +1
Speed: 30
Languages: Common, Dwarvish, Orcish

Melee Attack: Maul (+5 to-hit; 1d12 + 4 bludgeoning damage)

Ranged/Melee Attack: Javelin (range 30-120 ft.; +3 to-hit; 1d6 + 4 piercing damage)

STR: 18 (4) Add proficiency bonus to STR saving throws
DEX: 14 (
CON: 14 (2) Add proficiency bonus to DEX saving throws
INT: 08 (-1)
WIS: 12 (
CHA: 10 (+0)

Skills (add proficiency bonus when rolling ability checks):
Ride (land mounts)

Racial Traits:
Darkvision (60’)
Menacing (advantage on Intimidation (CHA) checks)

Class Features (Barbarian):
*Add proficiency bonus when attacking with any simple or martial weapon.
*Can use light and medium armors, and shields, without penalty.
*Rage (2/day) – advantage on STR rolls, +2 damage, 2 temp. HP / level; must attack every turn (max 1 minute); cannot make reactions except for opportunity attacks.
*Thick Hide – AC (w/o armor) = 10 + DEX + CON

Background (Blacksmith):
*Member of Forger’s Guild – free food and lodging in any location affiliated with the Forger’s Guild. Free use of affiliated smithies. Guildmates may provide further assistance as requested.
*Add proficiency bonus to WIS checks made to craft weapons/armor (requires Artisan’s Tools and access to a smithy).
Items Carried:
*Belt pouch
*Studded leather armor
*Javelins (3)
*Healer’s kit
*Mess kit
*Silk rope (50’)
*Grappling hook
*Steel mirror
*Artisan’s tools (smithing and leatherworking)
*Forger’s Guild emblem
*Potions of healing (2)
*Potion of anti-toxin


An exceptionally skilled smith, Grom Nutsmear was invited to apprentice under the FORGERS GUILD. Grom’s infatuation for magically imbued weapons and armor caught the notice of Gaius Mettelus, who adopted him as his particular apprentice and taught him the secrets of unlocking the magical potentials of arcane ores and minerals and how to bind these powers onto military equipment. Such is the ultimate skill of the FORGERS GUILD.

One day, a meteorite crashed nearby Gaius’ forge. Grom ran to the smoldering crash site and discovered a brilliant crystalline material lodged within the meteorite, which he named GEMERALD. He unfastened GEMERALD from the smoking, heat-radiating meteorite as quickly as he could, but several townsfolk took notice of his doings.

The rumors surrounding the arcane magics of GEMERALD eventually reached two nefarious criminal organizations, the SHADOW CLOAKS and the RED DAGGER SYNDICATE.

The SHADOW CLOAKS struck first, raiding the forge of Gaius Mettelus. Rather than surrender GEMERALD to the SHADOW CLOAKS, who would most certainly abuse its power to expand the tendrils of their terrible influence even further, Gaius hastily wrapped it in a blanket and commanded Grom to flee with it. Gaius fought to the death, providing Grom with enough time to retreat with GEMERALD.

Grom evaded the pursuing SHADOW CLOAKS for as long as he could, but eventually their horses outmatched his endurance. As they encroached in the distance, Grom delved into the DOCTOR WOODS. He slunk around trees and through the bush of the forest, hiding himself from the SHADOW CLOAKS. He managed to bury the GEMERALD beneath the IMMORTAL CYPRUS tree, in the heart of the DOCTOR WOODS. He camouflaged the loose earth as best he could in what little time he had before the SHADOW CLOAKS finally fell upon him.

Grom was kidnapped by the SHADOW CLOAKS, and was being transported to the SHADOW CLOAKS’ hideout for interrogation before they were ambushed by the bounty hunter, Gehngus Kahrnage.

Grom Nutsmear

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